Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. We take this matter very seriously. To ensure your security, utilizes a secure commerce server, which encrypts the credit card number and encodes it into a non-usable form. provides you with the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts any information that is transferred across the Internet from your computer to the server. This makes your credit card information as secure as possible.

What is SSL?

SSL is a security protocol used for securing communications on the web. This protocol was originally developed by Netscape Communications and has now become an industry standard.

A protocol is a set or rules or procedures. SSL technology takes a message and runs it through a set of steps that "scrambles" the message. This is done so that the message cannot be read while it is being transferred. This "scrambling" is called Encryption. When the message is received by the intended recipient, SSL unscrambles the message, checks that it came from the correct sender (Server Authentication) and then verifies that it has not been tampered with (Message Integrity).

How do I know if the connection is secure?

The common standard in the Internet to signal a secure site is a closed lock at the bottom of the browser. As long as the lock is displayed closed your information is secure and encrypted to avoid abuse. If you click the secure transaction link and still cannot see the closed lock, the reason may be that the window in nested in another frame. To make sure you are under a secure connection, right-click on the central part of the window and choose "Properties", then "Certificates" (IExplorer) or "View Frame Info" (Netscape). There you can see if the connection is secure or not. Another way (in Netscape) would be to open the form in a new window, so that the "non secure" frame is not displayed.