Winston Hotel

Spuistraat 52 1012 TV Amsterdam TN ,

About the Hotel

With such great nightclub along with its life music, Winston Hotel is the best destination for those party goers who want to enjoy the real Amsterdam’s nightlife. This incredible hotel is at its perfect location as it is within walking distance from several important public places. There are always vibrant parties, especially during weekends. Enjoying the Belushi bar is what everyone does to enjoy excellent beverages and lighter meals. However, the real party is for everyone at Winston Kingdom club, where everyone will enjoy DJs or live music.

For those party freaks, the rooms’ ambiance may not be the main consideration though they are all well-furnished and fitted. Sizes are varied in which some rooms have 2 to 6 beds with very well-maintained and clean surroundings. There are also various bathrooms for those rooms, in which some bathrooms have bathtubs and others only provide showers. Some people may be disappointed with the small windows in each room though every room is very clean and tidy with its standard furniture sets.

Many people take for granted on opinions which say that this hotel is too noisy. They even feel that there is something missing when there is no sound at all at Winston Hotel. 

Hotel Facilities