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Rome Marriott Park Hotel

Rome Marriott Park Hotel has considerably large territory in the fashionable Mediterranean parkland. This territory is rather close to Fiumicino airport, where most of the international flights arrive. The hotel is also not far from the city centre, allowing you to easily get to the most sights of Ancient Rome. Is you’re not in the mood to go for a walk, the hotel shuttle will easily get you to the historical centre of Rome, so you will start your tour right from the closest sight. These can be Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain or Coliseum.Rome Marriott Park

Rome Marriott Park Hotel contains 601 rooms, making it possible to accommodate rather big groups of tourists or businessmen. Here you will get all the needed amenities such as fitness centre, SPA, a luxury swimming pool situated outdoors and much more. Business travellers may use the local meeting rooms for their needs. The guests who are looking for real tranquillity may use the nearby golf court to spend some time. The other high class sport facilities in Rome Marriott Park Hotel are available as well. The rooms are all kept in modern design with fashionable interiors. Each room has a full set of luxury amenities.

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