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Regina Baglioni Rome

This one 5 star Rome hotel Regina Baglioni is a chain hotel, of the same name – Baglioni hotels. All 100 and more rooms of this luxury hotel in Rome are designed in the Art deco style. The whole interior – beds, bathroom, pieces of furniture are stylish and of traditional Italian materials.

The restaurant Brunello comprises together with classical modern style. The cuisine which is preferably served is Mediterranean.

Regina Baglioni hotel is positioned as a spa hotel in Rome. It possesses a wellness center, together with beauty treatment and fitness equipment.

The location of the hotel is full of splendid cafes, bars and restaurants. So, if you are unhappy to take you seats at the hotel's in rush hours, the local ones' doors are opened day and night for you.

As luxe class hotel in Rome and one of the best hotels in Italy the Regina Baglioni traces its reputation so carefully that you won' t be waited for any of its services.

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