The Qbic Hotel

Mathijs Vermeulenpad 1, 1077 XX Amsterdam Amsterdam,

price from $70/night

About the Hotel

There are a number of opportunities to travel the whole city from this hotel. It is located at one of the best places in the city and it is well connected to all the other parts of the city. Being located uptown in Amsterdam, Holland, it is easy to reach downtown or midtown from the Qbic Hotel. The transportation of the city enables this great opportunity. The hotel offers luxurious staying facilities.

The spacious rooms in the place are designed in a futuristic manner and are bound to attract a few eyes. It is also very luxurious with the spacious and grand furniture that cover the place. The homely environment coupled with the great room service provided in the place makes it a great place to live in. The cube shape of the living area is a positive impact on the psychology of the people living there. The very up to date design of the room has received collation from everyone who has set foot on the place. The full on arrangement for entertainment with LCD TVs and sound systems makes the place even better.

A review of Holland

The first thing to note about Amsterdam, and in general, Holland is the transportation system. The roads are well maintained by the municipality and a walk on the roads can land you a few miles away in a matter of a few minutes. The connection by subway and train are wonderful and all parts of the city are connected by the subway and the train. Cabs and buses are also readily available in the place and the journey becomes more enjoyable because of the side views of the city.

All the sights to be seen in the city are very beautiful. The city is also very up to date when it comes to fashion, but it also maintains a connection with the past with the numerous museums that dot the city. The fashion street and the museums are clustered in a place known as the Fashion and Museum square.

Some other hotels in the place

Hotel De Gerstekorrel is a famous hotel in Amsterdam they have built up a reputation for their establishment with their endless attention to details and their wonderful care for the customers. The place has received great appreciation for their efforts and is located in one of the prime locations of the city, making it even more popular to tourists.

City Hotel Amsterdam has provided great customer satisfaction from the day of its establishment. Along with the basic amenities some state of the art technologies are also used in providing great services to those who avail the services of this wonderfully designed hotel in Amsterdam, Holland.

The Qbic Hotel is thickly populated at all times of the year and it is difficult to get a reservation in this place. The wonderful facilities on offer at the great prices make this place hugely popular. The business is growing by the day and the future looks bright for them.

Hotel Facilities