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Hotel Mecenate in Rome is housed in a historic villa with the most splendid and closest view at Saint Basilica of Maria Maggiore. At the roof of hotel Mecenate there is a gorgeous restaurant setting you the possibility to watch all the city at the height of rooftops. The design of this very accommodation let you deep in the spirit of the Roman centuries: fountains inside, greenery, stucco work, bedrooms' luxury interior.

The hotel rating is a 4 star accommodation, but the management care ans staff service is pretty much higher. It can be named as luxe class hotel due to the above-mentioned facilities. As a budget accommodation the Mecenate offers seasonal couple offers, so do not miss a chance to reserve a room in the hotel together with your 2nd half. It's a center hotel and a hotel near train station as both city's main attractions and the main railway station Termini are within walking steps. That's why the transportation is as well perfect functioning.

Besides exhaustive number of rooms there is the most tasteful ice-cream in the neighborhood, and hotel bar unique possibility to create international drinks and cocktails.

Renovation of the Mecenate Rome hotel is done periodically to keep its status and tourist future consideration.

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