Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht

Spuistraat 52 1012 TV Amsterdam TN ,

About the Hotel

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht is known for its magnificent grandeur and is a blend of modern and Dutch traditions with respect to both its service as well as facilities. Situated on the Prinsengracht, that is the Prince’s canal, the hotel with a room of 122 portrays the lively spirit of the area near which it is situated. The welcome, after the check-in, is a new experience in itself and portrays the hospitality of the hotel. The rooms are stylistically decorated by the designer Marcel Wanders and are truly a contemporary view of the Dutch traditions and their rich culture, exhibited through its art that adorns the wall, its food or its wide display of books.

Boasting of a meeting space of 400 square meters, the hotel is completely efficient for any occasion with its highly efficient service as well as its various numbers of rooms, designed for different occasions. Any hotel experience is incomplete without the proper food and drink experience and this boasts of a restaurant with a fine dining and palate experience. The services provided are quite beneficial and has a spa and sauna service as well as provides bicycles for hire to scout the local area. Their services also include a full access to the Wi-fi internet along with complimentary snacks.

What to do when in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the liveliest city with a rich history and is the most visited place. Being a large city, there’s a lot to experience and take in from its exquisite landscapes. One can always take a stroll along the Prinsengracht canal to experience its beauty or just to contemplate. Being a flat city, you can walk around the city or roam around in a bicycle to catch a glimpse of the daily life of the people of Amsterdam. Consisting of about 44 museums and galleries, Amsterdam is known for its timeless masterpieces of art that are exhibited all year around and is a paradise for any art lover. The city holds an annual Queen’s day on which day the whole of Amsterdam comes out on the street to celebrate. The place is ideal for a holiday as it is a tourist friendly with its various offers and discounts.

The popular hotels of Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam: Situated between two canals, its architecture reflects the magnificence of the French through its garden and decorations exhibited throughout the hotel. Situated in the old city, the luxuries and services provided are innumerable.

Hotel Okura: Located in Southern Amsterdam, the hotel boasts of a wonderful cuisine and is reputed for its good service. Close to the airport, the Hotel Okura calls for travelers looking for a getaway from the bustling streets with its various services.

Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht: is known for its cultural depiction of Dutch history from a modern perspective through its décor. It also provides a good service and special offers through summer.

Hotel Facilities