Ambassade Hotel

Herengracht 341, 1016 AZ Amsterdam Amsterdam,

price from $377/night

About the Hotel

The Ambassade Hotel is a uniquely defined four star hotel which is located in the Beatrice location of the Herengracht Canal. The hotel is located at the heart of the city, and is very near to the places and zones of attraction in Amsterdam. In fact, with the location, you can jolly well visit the Airport, train and the bus-route within a couple of minutes. Moreover, the hotel also comes with a special chauffeur services, thus, you do not have to bear any hassles regarding reaching the airport or visiting the hotel from it.

Apart from this, like most of the Amsterdam hotels, this Hotel Ambassade too comes with a set of competent and well mannered staff you perceive your requirements and offer you services, accordingly. The hotel rooms are well decorated teaming up with an innovative mixture of contemporary and conventional styles. The rooms are luxurious and come with the finest décor. In fact, as you enter the hotel, you can jolly well see and feel a sense of elegance in the hotel rooms, which again is extremely commendable. Again, with the host of culture seats, theatres and shopping zones, Amsterdam is indeed a heaven for all travelers. Thus, if you are a devout traveler and if you enjoy visiting popular cities, then you can always visit Amsterdam. In fact, your stay will be all the more facilitated here, with the superb range of hotels.

What is the specialty of Amsterdam Hotels?

Well, the most remarkable specialty of Amsterdam Hotels is that, the hotels come with the maximum features and amenities which you always desired of. Again, you will also find a vast option of hotels. From the extravagant ones, to the affordable ones, there are myriad alternatives for accommodation which indeed is very lucrative. Apart from this, most of the hotels also come with a set of competent and well mannered staff who, ensure that all your required services are met accordingly. They offer quick and prompt room service, without leaving you with any scopes for complaints. Thus, if you are a travel enthusiast and if you enjoy traveling and relaxing in hotels, then Amsterdam can be the perfect city for you.

The city comes with an extremely amazing natural prowess coupled with cultural seats of music, theatre and history. Again, the cuisine here, offers you some lip-smacking, scrumptious meals. The shopping options as mentioned earlier are prolific. To sum it up all, this city is probably the best and the most lucrative travel destination for all devout travelers.

Relevant hotels of the city

Read on, to have a better grasp of the relevant hotels of Amsterdam.

Ambassade Hotel- This is one of the most popular and well defined hotels of the city. With its stunning décor, Beatrice location and competent staff; this hotel offers you the best services in town.

Hotle Pultizer- This is another renowned hotel of the city which is highly popular for its conference room facilities and superb service of the staff. The location of this hotel is also pretty convenient.

Hotel Seven One seven- Far from the hustle and bustle of the city this townhouse cum hotel is indeed a perfect zone for relaxation. 


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