Rome hotels in the suburbsIf you want to save some money for your journey, opt for the most recommended suburb hotel. Here you can get the luxury 5star hotel for the price of middle-class 4star in the center.

The suburb hotels have more territory that will give your children perfect opportunity to play around while being completely safe. Most of the family-friendly suburb hotels have large playgrounds your kids will definitely appreciate. The most recommended suburb hotels are close to the transport joints and sometimes to the airport as well. This is the best option for the tourists who are planning to stay in Rome for a day or two.

Choosing one of the suburb hotels, you will not need to make a long trip when the departure day comes. Businessmen usually choose one of the most recommended suburb hotels for the same matter. Here you can get the adequately cheap and still comfortable stay with all needed amenities. Choose the hotel located close to the main transport joints. This way you will be able to get to the city center in an acceptable time as well as to travel to the nearby city to see its beautiful sights.

Living in the most recommended suburb hotel, you easily avoid most of the traffic jams, savoring the empty streets and the speed of your car. The most wanted transport to get to the city center is still the railway, while only there you will be sure to get no unwanted delays.

The most recommended suburb hotels are Consider American Palace as a nice 4star suburb hotel, the comfortable 4star St. Paul hotel, the 3star Mercure Piazza Bologna and others.