Vatican is one of the most famous cities of Italy. First of all this city along with San-Marino is officially proclaimed as a country; this fact alone draws pretty much attention. Also it contains plenty of sights most tourists want to see. The phenomenal masterpieces of Michelangelo and Leonardo are represented here in sculptures and paintings. Besides, Vatican in the official regency of the Pope of Rome, that makes this city the natural center of the catholic religion. Many people visit the city just to get closer to the holy place.

If you search for a hotel in this area, the most preferable ones will be with excursion service available. This way you will save plenty of time without need for search and decide where to turn to for a good tour program. Everything will be provided by the hotel you stay in central Rome hotels.

Consider your stay in Albatros Vittoria Vaticano, the budget hotel offering bed and breakfast packages. It’s located in the 4stored building in the city center, providing you with the ideal spot to start the breathtaking tour program around the local sights. The train station is within easy reach in case you want to explore the Rome. The closest Vatican Museum is only 90 meters away.

Best Town House is yet another Vatican hotel which held tour program. It’s close to famous St. Peter’s Cathedral and offers the direct access to the historical and architectural legacy of Italy, as the hotel itself is placed in the historical building dated by 19th century.

Aurelia Vaticah Apartments hold their own tour program as well. This up-to-date 3star hotel opened at the end of 2009. A lot of cafes, restaurants and bars re nearby.

Hotel Centrale Roma


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