Rome events are the perfect opportunity to learn the life of Italy.

Rome events

The citizens of Rome are usually glad to get the opportunity to celebrate something; it’s literally in the blood of the whole Italian nation. That is why they use every single opportunity to make the tremendous fest. Whenever you come to Rome, be sure you will appear to be the visitor of some bright party.

There are several dates that are fixed in the Italian calendar and are suitable for celebration. The tourists shall know these dates for two reasons. First of all at this time the hotels tens to raise the price for the room, so if you’re not going to visit the party, you better choose the other dates to save some funds. On the other hand if you feel like attending the celebration, be ready to make a booking at least a month before the needed dates.

Here we offer the list of the main events in Rome that are officially celebrated:

  • The New Year (January 1)
  • Epifania (January 6)
  • Pasqua (April 24, 25) check spring hotels deals
  • Festa della Repubblica (June 2)
  • Ferragosto ( August 15)
  • Tutti Santi (November 1)
  • Immacolata Concezione (December 8)
  • Natale (December 25) and the last but nit the least Santo Stefano (December 26).

These Rome events are the official ones, do not forget about the whole list of specific and casual events taking place in this ancient city.