Perfect vacation at the 4 star Mecenate Palace Hotel in Rome

Perfect vacation at the Mecenate Palace Hotel

You are not a real romantic if you has ever thought about spending weekend breaks or vacations in Rome during a blooming spring. Through the whole spring season travelers can find plenty accommodation offers and find the most suitable hotel according to a budget. But if you want to spend the most exciting, revitalizing and excellent vacation in the heart of Italy, you should choose a first class hotel.

The Mecenate Palace Hotel is a 4 star stylish accommodation, in which the supreme interior of the guestrooms coincide with the elegant and eye-catching exterior of the whole building. As a first class lodging, which aims to attract new tourists, the Mecenate Palace Hotel offers special promotions and exciting hotel packages for springtime travelers.

There are special offers and plenty of low rated packages on booking with a minimum stay of several nights. Travelers can get a 5% off the usual rate, if they are lucky enough to catch a special low last minute rate! Booking in advance can bring you a 10% discount and one complimentary dinner. If you decide to stay in the Mecenate Palace Hotel at least for 4 or 5 nights, you will get a chance to savor a perfect dinner in the Hotel's Restaurant or get a free hotel room upgrade.