Rome is the birthplace for many architectural sights like Coliseum, Spanish Steps, Pantheon and more. Tourists come to the country to get in touch with all these beauty and sure thing they’d like the ancient Rome atmosphere to stay with them even during the time spend in hotel. Thus many travelers opt to stay in the hotels nearby the architectural sights or which are placed inside the ancient buildings. Choosing the hotel, keep in mind that the apartments in the central district are usually more expensive then in the suburbs, and staying in a modern hotel nearby the sights will cost you less then living in the historical building itself.

One of the central hotels carrying the true ancient spirit of Rome is Capo d’Africa. It’s located in the historical part of the city and is only within 5 minutes walk from famous Coliseum. The interior is creatively decorated and most of the rooms provide the tremendous view over the Rome sights. The local restaurant offers light meals of the Italian cuisine on the luxury terrace. You can get your cocktail in the hotel Centrum Bar. The bus station as well as the train station is within easy reach.

Comfort Inn Bolivar is yet another 4star luxury hotel in the central region of the city. It fully provides the ancient Rome atmosphere while being situated in the plain ancient building. It’s also rather close to the local sights, being the perfect start spot for your excursion. Check also Regina Baglioni hotel.

The hotel Ancient Rome B&B has the name that speaks for itself. It’s located in the historical part of the city, where all the main sights can be seen right out of your window. Visit this hotel so feel the ancient Rome atmosphere.