Here we offer top 10 Paris hotels by pool for your stay.

Top 10 Paris hotels by pool for your stay.

Here are several great reasons why Paris hotels with swimming pools are so craved by the tourists. First of all the availability of the swimming pool is the precious sign of luxury, in other words the hotels with swimming pools are usually highly equipped with various features that are able to make your stay really comfortable. Really important question is usually the type of the pool and its location in Paris hotels. Swimming pool might be placed in the building of the hotel, which makes it perfectly suitable for swimming in the cold weather. On the other hand it might be open air suitable for the summer season only. Keep this specialty in mind when choosing the month you’d like to visit Paris in. Also take a note that the water in the pool might be heated. So even if the water in the river is cold, the pool water might appear to be just fine for a swimming day.
Here we offer the top 10 Paris hotels by pools, starting from Hotel Fouquets Barriere, which offers the true 5 star quality to the visitors. The pool here is located inside the building rather close to small local bar, which allows you to get your drink and go on swimming if that is what you feel like. The water temperature is steady that is why you can easily savor the advantages of swimming at any time you’d like.
Another glorious 5 star hotel placed in Paris is the great Le Burgundi Paris. Here the swimming pool is located in the hotel wellness center and is really wonderful from the first sight. The first thing you can really notice there is the significant size of the pool, placed within the white marble walls and columns. There’s enough space to accommodate a lot of visitors at once. Moreover you may feel free to use the swimming pool after any SPA treatment offered in Paris hotel. Swimming pool is covered, thus the water is always warm.
Another hotel with the perfect pool is the Villa & Hotel Majestic Spa, which also offers the variety of SPA services for the clients. Here the pool is located in the warm roomy hall with the SPA beds on the edge, so you can savor the luxuries of the total relaxation after enjoying your swimming. The other feature is the multiple SPA procedures available for the tourists right here in the hotel.
One more hotel considered to be in top 10 Paris hotels by pools is tremendous Le Belle Juliette Hotel. It’s rated as 4 stars, yet the swimming pool here is really nice. Its not really big, but considering the fact that the hotel obtains no more then 43 rooms this space is quite enough for the travelers to spend their time in the warm soothing water. The wall is decorated with the corals and sea stars.

Another 4 star hotel with a nice pool is Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles. This hotel is rather big and so is the pool. Located close to the bar, it enables the tourists to savor the variety of local drinks before actually getting themselves into the mild water. On the other hand you can have a brake at any time in case you feel like getting rest on a sofa.
The last but not the least is Novotel Paris hotel. Here the pool looks just how it shall look like, offering the view of the ordinary pool. There’s something special in this easy interiors, letting you feel yourself not a mermaid in the sea, but as a skilled sportsman during the training.