Most men are more or less football fans. They feel horrible when missing even one single game, so it’s important to have the possibility to watch the long awaited football matches in any occasions. Now, let’s consider where the matches might be watched while the trip.

Being abroad, you can opt for watching football in your room, still sure thing it’s no fun at all. Sitting alone keeps you off the possibility to chat with the comrades about the brilliant goals and drastic failures performed on the field. That’s why you need company for the football watching. The best atmosphere for this is in the local bar equipped with perfect TV-screen, where you can see all the details of the game and share then with the neighbors immediately.

Football watching in Rome hotels

One of the best screens you can find in Scholars Lounge hotel, here the NFL and NBA games are shown regularly. Enjoy the glass of beer or a short-drink and watch the game with the realistic sound as if you were present right on the field! If you’re up to a really crowded place, visit Finnegan Pub in the hotel with the same name, where the true football fans gather for football watching. Here the list of possible drinks is really tremendous while the prices are quite reasonable.

If you prefer a small bar with not too many visitors, opt for Milligans Pub in the city center that is located close to Best Western Sycamores Inn and Paradise Motel. It’s small and cozy the perfect place for a football watching in case you do not want to miss anything.