Amsterdam Rai Hotels – business comfort and profits

Amsterdam Rai Hotels – business comfort and profits.

Amsterdam RAI is famous for hosting lots of congresses, mainly international, exhibitions, trade fairs, conferences and meetings, together with not so large-scaled events. It's a modern building complex almost 90 thousand meters high. All the rooms and accommodations have the necessary facilities and are well air-conditioned.

Hotel Okura in Amsterdam is a one nearby Rai Conference Centre. This Amsterdam Rai hotel is a luxury one, has 5 stars and a unique accommodation in some way. Besides many up-to-date facilities, it is close to the city centre and the hotels own 23 floors open the best view of the Netherlands capital.

As Rai Conference center encompasses up to 2000 people, its dining services of 4 restaurants meet the demands of up to 3000 guests and participants.

There is a huge parking lot around, and the Amsterdam Airport and Train station together with public transportation and boat trip via the Canal make the place a desirable one.

Novotel Amsterdam City is a more one 4 star Rai hotel in Amsterdam. It's about 15 km to the Conference center, but the hotel itself is sound-proofed so you are away from any noise anyway. The transport junction is also perfect, Shiphol Airport, as well as the area around, the Park Amsterdam Forest.