Top 10 cheap hotels in Paris.

Top 10 cheap hotels in Paris.

Top 10 cheap hotels in Paris.

Sometimes cheap hotels are the great choice of the low budget groups or of the travelers who go across the Europe by their own.

So, let’s see what we can get in top 10 budget hotels in Paris. First of all it is the room. Surely there are no luxuries, still there will be everything you need for the comfortable stay including a bed, a bathroom and some wardrobe to place your stuff. Some people think that living in the 2 star hotels is the real hell, however this is not true. First whatof all you should  remember is that rooms in this kind of accommodations are usually neat and even somehow comfortable. They are simple, but this is all about it.

The location of the top 10 economy class paris hotels might be really different. You most likely won’t get the direct view over the city and won’t get the chance to savor the sight of Louvre from your window, yet you might appear to be really close to the central area. Moreover if you’re not in the center, you will be still close to the transport joints, so it won’t be a big challenge to get to any places in Paris.

Cheap hotels are usually rated as 2 stars or even 1 star. They also can have no stars at all and go as the kind of apartments, yet this kind of accommodations can have sometimes quite poor quality like the bathroom not in the room but on the floor. Breakfasts are usually buffet kind, without any special hot dishes, so prepare to have a good dinner somewhere in the city.
Let’s have a look at some accommodations representing top 10 1 and 2 stars hotel in Paris.

  • Home Latin is rated as 2 stars and placed in the Latin district, enabling you to get in touch with the new culture which is different from the traditional French one. It’s rather close to Notre Dame and just some minutes walk from the well known Sorbonne. On the other hand the hotel lacks some of facilities, for example it’s not suitable for kids.
  • Boissiere is located close to the central area of Paris and is rated as 1 star. It’s plane hotel with welcoming staff and cozy rooms, with a high level of safety. Yet the transport joint is not too close, o though you stay seemingly close to the center of Paris, you will need some time to get there.
  • Hotel Armstrong is rated as 2 stars. It’s known for its clean rooms, free internet and fee for hot drinks are included in the price. It’s not in the center of Paris. Yet it’s really close to the subway station, so you can get to the central of the city in 10-15 minutes.
  • Ideal hotel is placed within 10 minutes walk from the Eiffel tower, so the location is really perfect, as it’s also close to subway station. The prices are fine, yet the atmosphere might appear to be way too plain for the guests.
  • Avalon Hotel Paris is the perfect option for the travelers who do not want to get far from the airport. The RER express will get you right there any time you need. The rooms are nice and stylish, yet it looks like there’s not enough staff for the 64 rooms.
  • Hotel Opera Vivaldi is rated as 3 stars, however it’s actually more like 2 stars. There are a lot of services offered to its guests including special features for family travelers and businessmen. The only disadvantage might appear to be the price.
  • Hotel de Rocroy is also 3 star accommodations located within a short walk from the subway station. Each room obtains the en-suite bathroom, the stuff is multilingual. The weak point of the hotel is the cleaning, so it’s not the best choice for guests coming with small children.
  • Hotel Belfort is well known due to its price; this 2 stars hotel is really cheap and offers an easy access to metro station nearby. It’s the great choice for businessmen, yet not the best one for the leisure guests.
  • Hotel des Arts is rated only 1 star and offers stylish neat rooms and the atmosphere of the complete safety. Not very close to the transport joint, yet has it offered a lot of restaurants and bars right here in the district.
  • Hotel de Mauberge is 2 stars, though can be easily count as 3 star due to the perfect location close to the center and the transport joints. The shops and museums are rather close as well; the only disadvantage might be some lack of attention from the staff.

To summon up, the best hotels for businessmen appear to be Hotel Armstrong, Ideal hotel, Hotel Belfort with their facilities and nice location.

The hotels like Boissiere, Hotel de Rocroy and Hotel Opera Vivaldi are great for family rest, as they are clean and quiet.

The young tourists might choose Hotel des Arts or Hotel de Mauberge.

If you’re visiting Paris to overnight, choose Avalon Hotel Paris as it’s close to the airport.