Paris event guide for January 2015

Paris event guide for January 2015

Paris event guide for January 2015

The Christmas and the New Year’s Eve are left far behind… But don’t let the post-festive mood make you fall into winter depression. Because if you’re visiting Paris this January, you’re the lucky one! Lots of events for the most passionate, fun-loving and curious tourists are taking place in Paris this month: parades, festivals, exhibitions… But the focus of January is of course its winter sales season. Thousands of shopaholics will flood the most luxurious Paris shops in search of best discounts. Join them if you’re hunting for bargains, too. If not, see the rest of the events in our list.

Best January events in Paris

New Year’s Day Parade. 1 January 2015. Montmartre
The New Year’s celebrations do not finish on the 31st of December. Diversify your first New Year’s Day programme of festive brunches and drinking with a visit to one of the most colourful (and the earliest one) events of the year – La Grande Parade. The impressive procession heads from Porte St.-Martin to Madeleine. Clowns, jugglers, dancers, musicians will set the mood for a successful year and make you forget about that pesky after-party hangover. Be sure to check the parades at other Paris areas, including the one at the Grands Boulevards.

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Fete des Rois. 4 January 2015. Various locations
Let the beginning of the year be sweet! For this, Fete des Rois (Three Kings Day) is the perfect occasion. The Fete is a fun and delicious tradition celebrated on the first Sunday of January. On the day, local bakeries and pastry shops serve special galette des rois, a pizza-sized pie with frangipane and a special china figurine (la feve) placed in one of its slices. According to the tradition, the youngest member of the family slides under the table and, as the pie is served, calls out the name of the person to get the next slice. The guest that gets the slice with le feve in it is the king of the day and is presented with a paper crown. If you’re visiting Paris with your kids, don’t forget to ask your hotel whether its restaurant/ café participates in the Fete des Rois celebrations. The event is much fun for the whole family.

Paris Winter Sales. 7 January – 17 February 2015
Even if you’re not too passionate about chic clothing and brands, you’ll definitely want to pick a thing or two at one of Paris stores during the sales season. Because some items get extremely cheap and prices may fall 80% down! The sales season in France is a government-regulated shopping event that takes place twice a year: in summer and shortly after Christmas. Department stores, designer outlets and boutiques want to get rid of the old stuff and offer most of it at reduced prices.  From large stores like the Bon Marche, Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, aimed at general public, to the less crowded designer shops and boutiques of La Marais – all of them are sure to join in the winter sales craze. Even some very expensive items can be bought at considerably lower prices. One advice to you: prepare for large crowds, even in the middle of the week, at early hours, and… act swiftly. But first, be sure to check some Paris shopping guides to decide what to hunt for.

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Tango Pasion – Sinfonia de Tango. 20 January – 8 February 2015. Bobino
Is there a more effective way to heat up the cold winter room than a passionate tango dance? The Tango Pasion troupe lands on the banks of the river Seine to show you the real power, ardour and artistry of tango. Their show “The Symphony of Tango”, that occupies the stage of Bobino for three weeks, will demonstrate all the facets of this unique dance, mixed with sparkling Broadway show traditions. The show producers have chosen the most professional and passionate tango dancers, who’ll be accompanied by the Sexteto Tango Pasion troupe. Together, they will dance to the sounds of the best pieces by the famous tango music composer Astor Piazzalla. Discover the intensity and power of Argentinean tango performed by some of the best and most devoted dancers in the world. 

Hotels near Bobino:

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Paris Deco Off. 22 – 26 January 2015. Various locations
January 22nd – 26th Pariswill see the 6th edition of Paris Deco Off,the annualevent aimed to demonstrate the talents and creativity of modern interior designers. Many Parisian showrooms will open their doors to general public, tell them about their latest collections and show some new tendencies in modern interior design. New projects, new materials, new colours, daring new designs and things you’ll want at your home… The fair will be interesting both to professions and those simply keen on beautiful things. 90 brands will participate in the Paris Deco Off; some cultural events are scheduled as well. For the complete list of participants and event programme, see the event site. The event is free to visit. Over 20 Volksvagen shuttle buses will be at your service to carry you from the Right bank to the Left bank during the Paris Deco Off.

Bijorhca Paris. 23 – 26 January 2015. Paris Porte de Versailles
Another event for those who value beauty and artistic approach to practical and non-practical things. Bijorhca Paris, the International Fine, Fashion, Jewellery and Watches show, will bring together more than 500 watch and jewellery designers in one place. Reveal new tendencies, get familiar with new names or simply glaze at the beauty of man-made wonders. Better not take your fiancée with you if you’re not prepared to leave some cash at the show! The event is divided into several sections, each meeting certain interests and aims:

  • Fashion Trends demonstrates the new trends of the season
  • The Precious Gallery is aimed at Fine Jewellery buyers
  • The “Précieux Passages” exhibition demonstrates jewellery as a piece of art
  • “Petits Tatouages Entre Filles” is a photo exhibition focused on the art of tattoo
  • The “Club des Représentants” (Representatives’ Club) is aimed at companies looking for new staff
  • The most curious once will even see a live demonstration of gold casting

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Slipknot. 29 January 2015. Zenith de Paris
Like it louder?Then it’s time to shake off Christmas sentiments, finally, and slam to the sounds of heavy metal. One of the world’s best know metal bands, Slipknow, arrives at Paris’s Zenith to demonstrate they’re still as powerful and loud as they used to be! The band, formed in Iowa in 1995, is known for several things. The extensive line-up that initially included 9 members, but after the death of Paul Gray and the departure of Joey Jordison shrank to 7. Their aggressive, powerful and spontaneous live shows. And their dark, psychological lyrics that cover various themes, from love to hate. The band has seen many hardships, including the death of their bassist and several hiatuses, but their devoted army of fans is definitely still there with them. And we’re quite certain that their show at Zenith will attract crowds of metal heads. Their latest album was released recently, in October 2014. So let’s check how the band has changed since their foundation.

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